Sample photos from The Memoto Lifelogging Camera!

The photos were taken with a Memoto Camera prototype and are not post-processed in any way.  Please note that the color saturation will probably be increased a bit compared to these images, and the exposure in some of the darker images will be equalized. Sharpness and compression levels will also be adjusted.

Find more sample photos here: Memoto Pictures 






Check back soon for an update on the Moment View in the Memoto App!

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  • basse1985

    All shot in perfect daylight…
    Please post some evening-photos, party photos etc..

  • Mattck

    Great to see some photos finally… Echoing what the previous comment says, can we see some other shots? I understand you don’t want to post bad pictures etc (which are inevitable) but some more real life situation ones would be great :) Really looking forward to getting my hands on my Memoto – now just to think up a way of making sure it doesn’t fall off me!

  • sahm21

    Hi guys!

    Did you all check out the link to more photos ( More indoor photos can be seen there. We’re not finished tweaking the camera’s firmware and we’ll continue to release more photos as we make progress.

  • Robert

    wow…gorgeous – can’t wait to get mine!

  • Victor

    Did those pictures taken when standing still or really walking?

    • sahm21

      Hey Victor, some were taken walking.

  • Deb

    I’m impressed with the quality!

  • Blue Sky

    Thanks for posting these, look forward to more.

    I need to see more before I would consider purchasing… but good work!

  • Blue Sky

    Posted a software feature idea:

    Because of the perspective on the body, linear objects (like buildings) seem to be often at an angle. There could be an option when viewing to automatically rotate these to align to a linear grid.

    Additionally, there could be options to sort by color, face recognition, etc.

    Lot’s of options here when you’re taking so many pictures.

    • sahm21

      Hi! Great idea. Definite possibilities in future releases of the app!

  • Fabio

    The expected delivery date has been postponed to May, is everything ok?

    • NiclasJohansson

      Hi! Our current estimate is to start shipping to our first customers in late April. May is when we’re expecting to deliver if you place your pre-order now.
      Best /Niclas


    impressed with picture quality ! when can we test it ?

  • AK

    Post some night time shots and with varying darkness.

  • FM Byers

    What are the monthly recurring revenue fees going to be for you?

    • sahm21

      Hi, We are still working out some technical details regarding the subscription fee and will release that info soon. /SM

  • thomas the camera waterproff??????

    • sahm21

      Hi Thomas, the camera is weatherproof but not waterproof. We will make a waterproof case for the camera once it is shipping :) /SM

      • Ali

        it would also be great if you want a child to wear it! so is child proof!

  • Michael Nardoni

    Photos look good in daylight But what about at night? Dark/semi dark, This will be important to me and many others.

  • LLF

    Does the camera make a sound when taking picture’s ?