Weekly Update: working to meet regulations and faster moments

Weekly Update: working to meet regulations and faster moments 1

The update is early this week! We’re so glad you enjoyed seeing what was happening at the factory in last week’s update and if don’t forget you can find all the previous updates here on the blog. Here’s what has been going on this week:


We are continuing work on hardware so it complies with various regulations. There are two issues with the PCBs that need to be fixed in this regard. We are also working to correct the radiation leaking through the USB port that we mentioned in the update here.

Weekly Update: working to meet regulations and faster moments

Near-field probing the PCB to search for localized potential emission hot-spots

The GPS antenna and receiver works amazingly well in isolation, but there is unfortunately interference from other circuits of the small PCB that reduces the reception quality a lot which needs to be addressed in our next production batch. Basically, very high harmonics from the switching power supplies creep all the way up into the GPS band.

Software and Backend

We’ve made great progress with the momentification and are happy to say our algorithm now is able to create moments on the fly (huge speed increase)! The communication between the Windows uploader and the camera is still a focus. We are also working to optimize the search function within the app.

We merged our new online version of the momentification algorithm to the master branch and deployed it to our bleeding edge environment. It seems to work great overall but we need to sweat it more and iron out some kinks.

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Our new upload mechanism has also been merged to our master branch and deployed to our bleeding edge environment. This will need more testing and requires changes in the uploader apps. These efforts together should make our upload and photo processing infrastructure more resilient.

We are also working on improving the experience of browsing shared moments in web browsers.

Until next time!
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