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A day in the life of a farmer – as seen by the Narrative Clip

“A Day in the Life”

The Narrative Clip is being used in a fun new project for Farmers’ Hub. Check out part 1 below and check back for parts 2 – 4.

Who’s “A day in the life” story would you like to see? Let us know on Twitter.

Find out more about their project here.

Life with the Narrative Clip: An interview with Susan Pigott

Abilene, TX

How long have you been using your Narrative Clip?
About two months

How often do you use your Clip and in what settings?
I’ve been using my Clip daily during our vacation to the Grand Tetons and Moab, Utah. I take it on our hikes.

Please explain your decision behind getting a Narrative Clip?
I loved the idea of having a hands-free camera capturing things without me consciously taking pictures. I’m a photographer, but sometimes I feel like I’m focusing so much on taking pictures that I miss enjoying the actual events. The Clip gives me peace of mind so I don’t have to take pictures constantly as we hike. Plus, it captures things I would not ordinarily take pictures of, such as photos of us hiking, things on the side of the trail that I miss while we’re hiking, our snack breaks, and other people we meet on the trail.

Describe what is it about the Narrative Clip that you like best?
There are so many things I love about the Clip. I love having a hands-free camera that is taking pictures constantly and capturing things I might miss. I love looking through the moments after our hikes, because I never know what I will see. There’s a wonderful element of surprise with the clip because it’s capturing things you’re unaware of. So when you scan through the photos many “aha!” moments occur when you see something unexpected or surprising. I often find myself saying, “Wow!” when I look at a photo of something I don’t remember seeing while hiking. I also love the candid aspects of the photos—nothing posed or superficial about the people in the pictures.

How do you wear/use the camera?
I wear the camera on the right strap of my backpack. It points outward toward the right so it captures my family hiking in front of me but also the side of the trail next to us. I like this position better than in the center because if I put it on my center strap all it captures is the back of my family. With it on the shoulder strap, positioned about chest level, I get the best of both worlds. The only problem with this position is that I get lots of pictures of my arm when I’m using my regular cameras to take pictures. The worst thing about that is I can see how badly I need to do some pushups.

sp clip

What’s the most surprising and/or interesting photo you’ve gotten so far?
Oh, man, this is a tough question. I’ve gotten some fantastic photos of the wilderness in the Grand Tetons and Moab. But probably the most surprising photo is one that the Clip took through my jacket. It shows trees near Emma Matilda Lake in the Grand Teton National Park framed by my jacket zipper. For some reason, I just think this shot is cool.

sp zipper

Do you have any stories around how people react to the Clip?
So far, I’ve only had two people ask me about the Clip during our vacation. The first was when I was paragliding. I was in midair trying to attach the Clip to the harness and my paragliding pilot asked what it was and I explained it to him. Unfortunately, I attached the Clip too far up and mostly got sky pictures. Somebody else asked me if it was an altimeter.

What is best moment you’ve captured with the Narrative Clip and why?
This is another difficult question because I’ve had so many wonderful moments captured by the Clip. Probably the best moment, even though it’s not the clearest photo, is when I paraglided off of Rendezvous mountain. The Clip captured one really great shot of the landscape and another paraglider below.

sp landscape

What’s a specific use case for your Narrative Clip that you’re looking forward to trying out?
I’m a university professor. So when school starts up again in the fall, I want to do a “Day in the Life of a Professor” blog post using Narrative Clip photos.

What’s a feature(s) you’d really like to see added to the Narrative service in the future?
–As a photographer, I would most certainly like a higher megapixel camera, but I would say 16mp would be the max. 8 to 12 would probably be just fine.

–I’d love to see a frame for the Clip that would allow it to be attached in a variety of ways, much like the frame mount for the GoPro (Am I allowed to mention that here? Just FYI: I bought a GoPro, hated it, and returned it in favor of a Narrative Clip). Anyway, a frame mount would allow you to attach the Clip to a helmet, a chest mount, a wrist mount, etc. It might also provide some stabilization for the clip.

–Maybe an actual button for taking intentional shots. I’ve found the two tap method to be intermittently successful. Sometimes I have to tap several times before the clip will respond. Still, I really, really love the simplicity of the clip and the lack of buttons is part of that. Perhaps just making the two tap thing more reliable would fix this.

–Lens attachments would be great. Please do not make the internal lens wide angle. I also bought an Autographer before I got the Clip. It’s lens is super wide angle and every photograph is horribly distorted. The Autographer got returned in favor of the Narrative Clip. That said, having attachable lenses would allow people to do fun things like fisheye photos or wider angle shots if they wanted to do so.

Anything else you’d like to add or other Clip photos you’d like to share?
I am so happy with the Narrative Clip. I would recommend it to anyone who does a lot of hiking because it is simply perfect for that. My life is too boring to log every day stuff (except maybe for that blog post I mentioned above). But for special events (birthdays, reunions, weddings, etc.) and for hiking, the clip is fantastic.

I’m attaching some of the best photos taken by my Narrative Clip during our trip:

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone

sp 1 yellowstone

Fairy Falls, Yellowstone

sp2 ys

Hiking Near Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons National Park

sp3 gt

Leigh Lake, Grand Tetons National Park

sp4 gt

The Grand Tetons

sp5 gt

Tower of Babel, Arches National Park

sp6 tob

Landscape Arch, Arches National Park


Life with the Narrative Clip: An interview with Christina Mason

San Diego CA, USA

How long have you been using your Narrative Clip?
Received, and first used my clip on April 14, 2014

How often do you use your Clip and in what settings?
Between April and May, I’ve worn the clip nine times, so I’m averaging 4-5 times a month and mostly on weekends when I’m attending interesting events.  I don’t use it to capture my day-to-day activities.

Please explain your decision behind getting a Narrative Clip?
Candid photos have always appealed to me over posed images. I love the documentary style photos that a wearable camera offers.  The most genuine expressions from people are captured only when they are unaware their photo is being taken, and those are my favorite moments.

Describe what you like best about the Narrative Clip.
I’m impressed with the image quality (raw image sizes approx 1944 x 2592 pixels), and the apps ability to rotate any image right side up, no matter how you wore the clip on your body.

How do you wear/use the camera?
Still trying to figure out the ideal location on the body to wear it.  The app tends to crop out the bottom half of the image in the timeline, so many of the pictures are simply sky, tops of trees, tops of heads, or ceiling shots.  However, the full scope of the image is visible in the raw photos, and these are the images I will keep and share. I found the best level to be about chest high – either hanging around my neck from a lanyard, or hooked to the straps of a shoulder bag. Here I have it clipped to the shoulder strap of my backpack during a hiking trip. It’s overly colorful because I covered it with a sticker. (Editor’s note: The new Narrative app release has addressed the issue of photos cropping. Read more)

Photo 3 (3)


What’s the most surprising and/or interesting photo you’ve gotten so far?
I’ve gotten many great moments and it’s difficult to limit them to just one or two most interesting or surprising. The anticipation always feels a little like Christmas morning when I upload the pictures at the end of the day. Some moments are a complete disappointment having nothing but blurry or black photos (from wearing it indoors or in the evening), or I’m thrilled to have that one outstanding photo out of the bunch. On a street in Philadelphia, it caught this interesting angle of an old building with graffiti over the windows.

photo 1 (1)

And I love the combination of capturing close images showing what was happening directly in front of me, while also capturing the back ground activity – like this wedding reception photo:

Photo 4 (1)

or me eating lunch behind the taps at a craft beer festival.

Photo 5

Do you have any stories around how people react to the Clip?
Be prepared for a lot of strange looks!  I did purchase the orange clip however, so I think the black would be more discreet and blend better with regular street clothes.  I had one woman ask me ‘What is that crazy thing around your neck?!’; but luckily she was quickly distracted by something around her and I ultimately never had to give her an answer.

What is best moment you’ve captured with the Narrative Clip and why?
I have found that it’s often not a single image that’s interesting, but witnessing a full moment in the time-lapse view.  I clipped it to my cats collar, and it was really cute to see how she spent her day while I was at work.  She manged to capture a few blurry pictures of herself sitting in front a mirror, and I love how she captured her own shadow.

Photo 6

What’s a specific use case for your Narrative Clip that you’re looking forward to trying out?
The upcoming horse races at Del Mar.

What’s a feature(s) you’d really like to see added to the Narrative service in the future?
Better clarity with low light situations.

A Narrative Team Midsummer

Like most people in Sweden, the Narrative Team celebrated midsummer this past weekend. There was a lot of herring and potatoes, dancing and questionable weather, as there should be. Anyone unfamiliar with the celebration and wondering what’s going on in these shots captured by various team members’ Clips should check out the video at the end of the post for a thoroughly humorous explanation!

The Midsummer Crown


Midsummer Lunch

Integral Part of Midsummer Lunch

midsommar snaps

Dancing around the Midsummer Pole


Game Time! Klubb, anyone?

midsummer klubb

Midsummer for Dummies


What kind of festivals and celebrations have you captured with your Narrative Clip?

Life with the Narrative Clip: An interview with Keith Harding

Somerset U.K.

How long have you been using your Narrative Clip?
Since 29th April, 2014

How often do you use your Clip and in what settings?
At present I have not used my Clip as often as I would have liked, but the results that I have seen that it has captured are just jaw dropping! But I have used it to record a special birthday treat day out.

Please explain your decision behind getting a Narrative Clip?
I originally had the Narrative bought as a present for me to take photos of my family on vacation/holiday.

(Yes I’m one of those dads who’s always taking family photos) The idea being that the Narrative Clip would take care of the “taking of photos” and I could join in with the family fun. I have tried taking vacation photos for my family and to enjoy without the need to keep reaching for the camera. A previous attempt, that had produced some surprisingly good results, made use of a Dashboard Camera secured to my shirt with elastic bands!

But now I have my Narrative Clip to capture it all, and my family and I are all looking forward to our future vacations, and what surprises my Narrative will show us. The results it has given us all so far are just fantastic.

So far it has surpassed our expectations, but we want to get the very best from it in the future. We are looking forward to taking it with us to Legoland Windsor soon, and we have a long awaited (and very much needed) vacation to California in a few weeks time, and My Narrative is going along as part of the family!

Describe what is it about the Narrative Clip that you like best?
Where do I start? What a brilliant device you’ve made for us all to enjoy.

I am genuinely at odds with where to start, but I’m not too sure it’s not “My Narrative” any more? As a family we have all found ourselves huddled around the PC screen watching in wonder at the newly uploaded images as they appear (on the screen).

How do you wear/use the camera?
The design of the Clip make it very easy to wear. I clip mine over the top of the collar of my sweatshirt. Or now it’s been a bit warmer, I clip it on the button up piece of my polo shirt.

As for using it, I forget it’s there. Although my wife has often double tapped it a few times when she has noticed that I’ve stopped to look at something.

I was nervous of losing it, and so I have devised a small safety strap that connects the Clip to a button hole, so if it does get dislodged it can not fall off unnoticed.

Keith Harding

Do you have any stories around how people react to the Clip?
I am sure a lot of people keep looking to see what it is I am wearing. Personally I am surprised how often I forgot that I am wearing it. Although I felt conscious of it recently when someone glanced down at my collar as I approached the mens room, but I quickly flipped it over to face inside my shirt. A useful tip to all new owners of the Narrative Clip!

What is best moment you’ve captured with the Narrative Clip and why?
The very first use of what it could do; I thought I’d use it to capture the sunrise.

Keith First day

To avoid taking pictures of my neighbours I actually pointed it roughly NNE and not due East, and left it in the window as I went to bed.

The next evening I plugged it into my PC. It said that the battery power was down to 35% from the 100% fully charged from the night when I put it in the window just after 10 p.m.

It is set up to copy to both PC and the Cloud, so that we could look at the results on the PC screen. Just as well as the 1GByte of captured photos was estimated to take nearly 7 hours to upload to the Cloud at our slow rural 42kBits per second upload connection.

We imported all the Captured jpegs into Magix Movie Edit Pro, adjusted the individual image time to be very short and made a 1 minute 10 second video of our first full day of pictures.

The result was spectacular!

Darkness slowly opened into a very foggy morning, but as the “video” changed from black to grainy, so our garden appeared!

The images changed as the morning fog ebbed back and forth like the tide. The fog retreated and our neighbours gardens appeared.

Slowly the movements of clouds above were apparent.

A splendid vista drew itself before us. The greenery of the gardens, the school playing field, and the Mendip Hills beyond.

Black flakes randomly appeared in single frames. Then in one frame the flake had its wings outstretched as it swooped by. So many birds visit our garden.

Another flake was a helicopter flying overhead.

Patches of colour on the green of the school field in the distance danced about. The school children were playing or having P.E.

So many things were happening, that in our busy world just pass by unnoticed?

The clouds above moved and danced, breathing in and out as they grew and “vapourised”. Hues of grey and blue flowed across a white canvas, like a trail of steam behind a puffing steam train.

The wind changed direction and the large white cotton balls floating along were stretched into long fibrous shards sweeping across the sky.

Like a two dimensional cartoon character cannot perceive our three dimensional world, we cannot see the 4th dimension that we live along. But thanks to my new Narrative Clip I might have just caught a glimpse of it!”

What’s a specific use case for your Narrative Clip that you’re looking forward to trying out?
My family and I are theme park junkies and can not wait to see the results of a day in a theme park, and any special photos taken whilst on rides. I am so looking forward to the fun and pleasure that lie ahead for my family and I to enjoy, capture, and enjoy again.

What’s a feature(s) you’d really like to see added to the Narrative service in the future?
A software idea might be to have a tick box to allow “Shutdown PC When Upload Complete” on the Narrative Uploader software. Therefore, if you have a slow Broadband connection you can leave it uploading unsupervised.

A security feature might be to have a Security ID number etched on the back, perhaps with a notice “If Found please contact 00800 xxxxxx”.

Or as part of the Uploader software it could alert the registered email address that the Clip has been found and plugged into unrecognized PC. As it is GPS enabled it could also let you know where it is.

My family and I have a number of hardware ideas that might be worth considering that include:

  • The WiFi Docking Port shown on your website looks a brilliant idea
  • A simple removable cover to protect the Lens when the Clip is plugged into the PC for photo uploading or for battery charging might be a useful feature to add. Alternatively a small hard case to store the Clip in whilst it is not in use, or whilst traveling. Maybe this could be made as a waterproof or sand proof case to protect the Clip whilst in use at the beach.
  • I have  attached a small chain to my Clip that has a “key ring” attachment that I thread through and clip to a button hole on my shirt. But for extra security a mount like a Gorrila Pod might be useful for strapping it onto a ride vehicle at a theme park.
  • We have already adapted a car windscreen suction mount to hold my Narrative Clip in place, and we have managed to capture some entertaining results of our journeys so far. A purpose built unit would be a useful addition.

Keith Car

Keith Car 2

Anything else you’d like to add or other Clip photos you’d like to share?
I am so impressed by the results that I have had from my Narrative Clip that I have set up my own YouTube site to allow me to show them off.

My first day of photographs as a Time-lapse video described above.

You can also view my first complete day from sunrise to sunset.

Although this is a spectacular video of what the Narrative is capable of, the best photograph was of my son at his 17th birthday party. My son is disabled and can find it very hard to smile on cue, but this photo of him is just brilliant as it captures the fun he was having on his special day out without him having to pose for a photo.

Keith's son

I can see a real market for families like ours that can find it difficult to take good photos of our children. Also it could help reinforce memories for people with memory problems or dementia.

Here are some more photos we’ve captured with the Clip:

How to get Narrative immediately and at a price you’ll love

 Immediate shippingfast-shipping-icon

We’ve been shipping the Narrative Clip since December 2013. A steadily increasing crowd of users from around the world has starting sharing their stories of how they use Narrative. But, to be part of this crowd, you had to stand in line from anywhere between a month to over a year!! That really takes some patience and commitment!

No more of that now.

As of today, Narrative is available for immediate shipping. This means, we have a full stock of Narrative Clips ready to ship out as soon as you place your order. Then, depending on the country your Clip is destined for, it takes only a few days before you can start capturing your moments hands-free and effortlessly.

$229, 3 months subscription included

What’s more, we’ve listened to those of you who have asked to try out the Narrative Clip with a shorter included subscription time. 12 months can be a long time for a new product you’ve never seen before.

You can now choose to get your Narrative Clip with only 3 months subscription for $229. The standard option of 12 months subscription for $279 remains for those of you who want the best deal for your subscription.

Coming soon! Narrative on Amazon

Last but not least, you will be able to get Narrative at the same place you get all your other stuff. Amazon, that is. As you might have noticed, Amazon launched a new wearables section a few weeks back and Narrative is proud to be one of a few selected brands to be featured there.

Through Amazon, you will be able to buy Narrative Clip with the 3 month subscription at $229 and the speedy delivery you’re used to.

We hope you’ll like these improvements to the availability of Narrative. Keep telling us how we can improve and we look forward to future wonderful things to happen.


Narrative Clip used in Swedish museum exhibition

The Stockholm County Museum (Stockholms läns museum) is currently showing an exhibition called Contemporary Photos (Samtidsbild). Narrative worked with the museum to see how the Narrative Clip could be utilized to enhance one of the exhibition’s objectives. Read our interview with photographer and curator of photography collections at the museum, Elizabeth Boogh, below.

Stockholm lans museum

What is the Stockholm County Museum all about?

The museum works with heritage in the greater Stockholm area. This includes the history and care of old buildings, archeology, public art, sloyd (slöjd) as well as cultural history, where the photography collections are one part.

Tell us about the current exhibition.

The exhibition is based on a competition which we held during the fall of 2013. It had three themes: everyday life, communication and trends in society. We received over 1300 entries from 123 photographers. All the photographs are shown in the exhibition.

The background of the competition and exhibition is the museum’s aim to collect digitally born photography from people living our region. We want to expand our archives by the collection and inclusion of a diversity of images from many different people. We believe that our mutual history should be built by the community and not the museum alone.

Why did you want to use the Narrative Clip?

Using the Narrative Clip presents an exciting new way to take and collect personal photographs. The utilization raises interesting questions for the museum and archives about what and whose images should be preserved for the future generations. The Clip produces a vast amount of images and it could be of great value to the museums to be able to employ them.

How did you utilize the Narrative Clip in the exhibition?

We asked one of the photographers who has contributed with a number of images for the exhibition if she would like to wear and use the Narrative Clip for a day. Then we made a selection of the total amount of images produced during the day which we are now showing as a slideshow in the exhibition.

What kind of feedback do you have from your (and the artists’) time using the Clip?

Before using the clip we discussed the concern for privacy matters. Where and when is it appropriate and/or inappropriate to use the clip? The photographer wanted to be fully comfortable with wearing the clip in all situations. For example we chose not to show images from when she was picking up her son from school as many parents do not consent to photography in the school and of students/children. The experience of using the Narrative Clip was overall fun and enjoyable and it gave many “AHAs” when looking back on what actually happened during the day.

When and where can we visit the exhibition?

The exhibition Samtidsbild is shown at Stockholms läns museum in Sickla, Nacka from the 26th of April to the 5th of October.

Anything else you’d like to add?

It would be very interesting to further explore how museums can utilize the Narrative Clip and collect images from people wearing the camera.

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Life with the Narrative Clip: An Interview with Evan K.


How long have you been using your Narrative Clip?
Since the 14th of March, 2014

How often do you use your Clip and in what settings?
Every day. I wear it whenever I am out of the house. I wear it around the house most of the time, but I take it off when I get into the office, mostly because it’s too boring. I wear it when I am en route to client meetings or private appointments, but put it away for those meetings.

Please explain your decision behind getting a Narrative Clip?
I’ve always wanted more data (assisted memory really) about my life. I’ve always been frustrated by my inability to recall things accurately, but even more so to be able to share my experiences with others. I often notice moments that I enjoy and wish that I could refer to them in the future easily.

For a few years I experimented with wearing head mounted cameras at festivals as a way to document them, but the hardware was intrusive and maintaining storage and battery power was a real barrier.

Describe what is it about the Narrative Clip that you like best?
Being able to record parts of my life almost effortlessly. This is enabled by it’s size, weight and simplicity.

How do you wear/use the camera?
I’ve tried 3 configurations.

  1. Clipped it to my t-shirt. This was poor, I had pictures of the floor and the ceiling, but seldom much else. Also, this is not the default orientation of the camera, so I get portrait images.
  2. I wore it with a lanyard (like a necklace). This works well if you’re wearing a turtleneck or jumper, but still suffers from the orientation problem. If you’re not wearing dark clothes, it can be quite noticeable. Because the camera is “free floating” being active can trigger the “double tap” when you don’t mean to.
  3. My current, and favourite configuration. I have read about people losing their Clips. I can see how this would happen. This clip by itself doesn’t have a mechanism to securely fasten it. I have also lost a few wearable devices in the past. So what I do is to tie a lanyard to the metal clip, loop the lanyard around my neck, then run the lanyard under my shirt, pull the camera out between two buttons, then clip it to my shirt. This way, the camera is positioned in it’s default orientation, and I can be sure that I will not lose it. It is also less obvious than wearing it with a lanyard alone. I’m only wearing buttoned shirts now because of this. The images below are of me using the Clip this way, trying the ‘double tap’.




What’s the most surprising and/or interesting photo you’ve gotten so far?
A series of three. A woman on the underground was using her phone, then relaxed and then looked right into my camera. I like the series just for the final shot of her looking to the camera.

Do you have any stories around how people react to the Clip?
My partner is excited by it because I am, but worried that I might share images and also that I might catch him in the bath without realizing it.

My friends are intrigued, confused as to why I would want it or just assume I’m being an early adopter again.

My colleagues just assume I want the newest gadget, or think I’m crazy because it’s pointless.

Nobody has ever asked me to stop using it, even though I offer every time I introduce it to a new person.

I recently wore it to a large group weekend. Everyone was either very interested or indifferent, but nobody was bothered by it.

What is best moment you’ve captured with the Narrative Clip and why?
The end of my pool party. I left the Clip hanging with a view to the pool. Nobody could take picture because we all were in the pool.


What’s a specific use case for your Narrative Clip that you’re looking forward to trying out?
I went to Morocco for Christmas with family and friends. Every day I wished I had it with me.

I look forward to using it all the music festivals I attend over the summer.

I’ve decided to lend it to my close friends and family when they take vacations so they can record them. (After that I’ll buy them their own :-) )

What’s a feature(s) you’d really like to see added to the Narrative service in the future?
Let me say first of all that I’m in awe of the engineering behind the clip. I still can’t believe just how light it is and how efficiently it uses it’s battery.

  • The field of view is too restrictive. If not a fish eye lens, certainly a wider field of view.
  • The automatic orientation of the image was not what I expected, but I understand how it works. Longer term, I’d love to see a circular sensor so that however the clip is orientated, the image can be recorded as level as possible, not just in 90 degree angles. I do know that this would not be easy to do.
  • I’ve found the double-tap function difficult to use. I know you want to avoid this, but a simple button might help? (I’m playing devils advocate here) . However, if that was possible, the user could choose between square, portrait, landscape, or even the raw round image (!?).
  • I’d love to wear two Clips that are configured as a pair. I’d wear one in front, and one on my back. Probably just for special occasions at first, but longer term I could see myself doing this most of the time. Once that works, you could wear several cameras on your person if you wanted to (!?).
  • Certainly a version 3 feature, but Bluetooth would be nice. Power is a major consideration of course.
  • On the cloud service, I don’t like the way that portrait shots are clipped into landscape. I haven’t found a way to export the raw image, so I save my raw images locally too.

Anything else you’d like to add or other Clip photos you’d like to share?
It took me 2 weeks (I’m busy with work a lot) to get to grips with the Clip, but the past 3 days have been awesome. I love it.

It’s made me realize just how much I see and how wide my field of vision is; because when I review those same moments through the Clip, I notice all the things it didn’t capture. This has made me appreciate how much of the world I take in through my own senses.


Beach Trip captured by my Narrative Clip



Getting ready to bowl captured by my Narrative Clip