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Imaging and Video Technology Summit in NYC – sign up today!


Evan Nisselson along with industry experts Rebecca Paoletti, Serge Belongie and JanErik Solem are organizing a one day imaging and video technology summit with over 30 expert speakers called LDV Vision Summit June 4th in NYC!

Register for the Summit with 20% off discount early-bird tickets asap:

For the 1st time there will be a 1 day summit which combines experts in imaging and video from Technology Companies, Media Companies, Brand Executives, Startups, Computer Vision Experts and Investors.

Digital photography and video technologies are revolutionizing how humans shop, entertain, and communicate. Simultaneously, all businesses are struggling to leverage the right solutions to evolve, adapt, or get disrupted by known and unknown competitors.


Apply to compete for limited presentation slots in front of ~250 attendees. Are you one of the most promising new imaging & video companies? Meet investors, customers and potential partners.

Judges: Serial entrepreneurs and investors! Details and APPLY by May 10th:  

Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenges

Compete for limited presentation slots in front of ~250 attendees. You have up to 18 days to work on challenges from April 23 to the deadline on May 10th, 2014.

Challenges include:

  1. YouTube Video Text
  2. Egocentric (First Person) Video with head-mounted cameras
  3. Shoe Attributes with Zappos data.

Judges: Serial entrepreneurs and investors! Details –  
Complete your solution to the challenges and submit by May 10th

Register for the Summit with for 20% discount early-bird tickets asap:

Welcome to the Memoto Blog!

Welcome to Memoto’s blog! Memoto is a Swedish startup that’s creating a unique and simple to use Lifelogging Platform (the Memoto camera + online service + apps). This blog is about all that’s connected to the world of Lifelogging: wearable tech, research in various fields such as memory and sociology, future trends like Big Data and Quantified Self, as well as the people behind this whole “movement”.

Table of contents:

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