This week in lifelogging: the futuristic workplace

Exploding wearables market

The lifelogging movement is closely intertwined with a market trend that is growing swiftly – the use of wearable technology. Wearable technology has existed since a long time ago and apparently has its roots in the casino. It has come a long way and has since been developed in all shapes and functions, whether in the form of fitness trackers, smart watches or wearable cameras. Moreover, the core components of wearable tech are also becoming even more flexible with the possible development of thread-like batteries powering wearable tech in future. With these innovations that are further propagated by tech giants jumping on the bandwagon of wearables, it is no wonder that the wearable tech market is estimated to worth $8.36 billion by 2018. Besides being used for personal tracking or the quantified self, these devices can also be used collectively in the workplace. This could be pretty difficult to imagine, isn’t it? Therefore today, we would like to help you paint a picture of the futuristic workplace in a world of wearables.

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Image credited to Ian Allen | Wired

That cuppa in the morning!

UP coffee

It is 9am on Monday morning. You belong to the group who believes that life does not begin until after coffee or tea. You head over to your office’s coffee machine and hit that button. That cup of brewing hot coffee or tea is just what you needed to get your brain ticking. Single shot espresso or double? Should I have that cup right now to optimise productivity? Questions questions questions, just before you hit those buttons. To answer them all, Jawbone has launched a new lifelogging tool – the Jawbone UP coffee – which reveals just how your body reacts to caffeine. Simply log for 3 days to see how you compare with other drinkers or for 7 days to reveal your Caffeine Persona. This tool could be what you need to maximise your productivity at work or to remind your colleagues to wait for 45 more minutes before they hit that next cup! At your wish, perhaps you could also send that data to your boss to hint for a cup of strong aromatic coffee from that favourite coffee chain down the road when the coffee machine is out of order (;

Image credited to Jawbone UP

Working together

With wearable tech boasting to boost productivity by almost 10 percent, it is no wonder that companies and individuals alike are slowing opting into the use of wearable tech in the workplace. After all, who doesn’t like shorter work hours as a result of being productive? In the picture above, you would find a representation of a study, in which 80 workers were randomly assigned three wearable devices over three weeks; the Lumo Back, which monitors your posture, the NeuroSky, a headset which uses sensors to translate brain activity into action, and GeneActiv, a watch-style wristband that gathers motion data. The result? When wearing the devices, worker productivity has been said to increase by 8.5 percent, while job satisfaction levels rose by 3.5 percent. Are you up for this?

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Image credited to The Telegraph

Lunch time workout-mania!

Instead of going for desserts after lunch to maximise that one hour lunch break that you have, maybe this would motivate you to get fit; co-workers becoming competitors in the race to fitness and health. As part of The Outside View’s Health, Wealth and Happiness programme, which could be likened to the company’s version of Google’s 20% time (where engineers are given an opportunity to work on side projects), employees of The Outside View are required to download a variety of smartphone apps that help them to track everything from the amount of time they sleep, the distance they walk or run, what they eat, how much time they spend sitting at their desk and even their ‘happiness’ levels. After all, a happy customer starts from a happy employee, so the return on investment in health and happiness could be great for both the company and the individual.

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Image credited to The Outside View

Stress begins building up

The clock is ticking. That report for the client is due in just 2 hours and is hardly completed. Even though exercising a few hours ago helped you to relieve stress, the deadline is causing you to yearn for that stick of cigarette you’ve grown to be reliant on. You need a smoke break. Or at least that’s what you think and what a particular company is determined to help you kick away. The Chrono Therapeutics’ SmartStop wearable is intended to help smokers leave cigarettes behind. Here’s how it works – the SmartStop is equipped with a transdermal nicotine delivery system that allows for a differential, timed-release of nicotine. This helps to automatically offset the most powerful cravings that any smoker might have and gradually helps him/her to quit smoking altogether. Would you give it a try?

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Image credited to Fox Business

Meeting minutes

Just recently,, a CRM and cloud giant has launched the Salesforce Wear, which is a developer program that focuses on wearables for the enterprise. As part of this, the company has created six end-to-end applications for six wearable devices, including an app for the Samsung Gear that allows users to check who is attending a meeting and information about attendees. These six apps are to work together to provide solutions for problems currently faced in the workplace and hopefully help us all work smarter. Yay or nay?

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Image credited to The Selwyn Foundation

Out of the office

Concluding the day could mean retail therapy for some, or an extra job at the local retail store. Whether you belong to the first or second group of people, BizTech believes that the first stop for wearables in businesses will arrive in the retail stores. This could mean equipping retail staff with wearables so that they can keep their hands free to assist customers better. Yet, be it in retail stores or offices, whether wearables will be introduced in the workplace on a larger scale than today will still have to depend on three factors according to Forbes – designing the workplace for wearables, not waiting for an industry-wide standardization, and being able to communicate openly about privacy and security. What else do you think needs to be done before wearables are fully integrated and ready for the workplace?

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Image credited to Viral Heat

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A Narrative Team Midsummer

Like most people in Sweden, the Narrative Team celebrated midsummer this past weekend. There was a lot of herring and potatoes, dancing and questionable weather, as there should be. Anyone unfamiliar with the celebration and wondering what’s going on in these shots captured by various team members’ Clips should check out the video at the end of the post for a thoroughly humorous explanation!

The Midsummer Crown


Midsummer Lunch

Integral Part of Midsummer Lunch

midsommar snaps

Dancing around the Midsummer Pole


Game Time! Klubb, anyone?

midsummer klubb

Midsummer for Dummies


What kind of festivals and celebrations have you captured with your Narrative Clip?

This week in lifelogging: where are our smart phones headed?

Smarter smart phones?


We use our smart phones for everything. Yes, everything. Traditionally, because of the limited network and technical capabilities, the mobile phone was limited to users making phone calls and sending messages. However, as technology developed and consumers demanded, our smart phones now allow us to complete a whole spectrum of tasks on the go, most of which were quite unimaginable just a decade or two ago. The smart phone is gradually replacing all our gadgets – the point-and-shoot camera, the alarm clock and the calculator, for instance – to become that all-in-one product that we can easily slide into our pockets. And with lifelogging becoming such a hot topic these days, it is no wonder that various big brands are jumping onto the bandwagon of lifelogging, developing various wearable tech devices that accompany their core product, or even building lifelogging features into the smart phone. Today, we will do a quick round-up of what is happening in the lifelogging scene, specifically in the smart phone industry that we are familiar with.

Image credited to Afrobotic

Sony SmartBand

One notable piece of wearable tech device developed by tech giant Sony is the Sony SmartBand SWR10. All throughout the day from the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep, this piece of wearable tech wants to help you make sense of your life as you live it. After a sneak preview at CES (video above), Sony released this SmartBand SWR10 officially earlier this year to help you keep track of everything, from how well you’ve slept to the number of calories you’ve burnt, or the songs you were listening to when you ran your fastest. As it is with many devices out there currently, the challenge is always about providing consumers with answers and not more data. However, with an accompanying Lifelog app, Sony is striving to package the data received into snippets that are easily understood. Dubbed to go great with its new Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1, Sony is attempting to create an ecosystem consisting of the SmartBand, smart phone and Lifelog app to make sense of your life. Anyone tried it yet?

Video credited to Android Authority


Samsung’s latest smart phone rave has been about its Samsung Galaxy S5. Although its built-in lifelogging features are far less extensive than Sony’s built-in Lifelog app and only includes a heart rate sensor, Samsung is building upon its S Health series to provide more features for the avid lifeloggers. This S Health series consists of the Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2, and are compatible with the Galaxy S5 (and perhaps all future phones), to give you a comprehensive integration of fitness tracking apps to motivate you to get fit!

Image credited to Samsung

Apple iOS8

apple ios8

And of course we’re not forgetting the well-loved Apple. In their latest introduction of the upcoming iOS8, we see Apple also jumping onto the lifelogging track. Dedicating an entire section to feature their new Health app, Apple is determined to cause the “beginning of a health revolution”, as they say. This will be propelled forward by a new tool for developers known as HealthKit, which allows all fitness apps to work together. “When your health and fitness apps work together, they become more powerful. And you might, too.” is what Apple has outwardly expressed to be the motivation for this new feature in the iOS. Are you moved?

Image credited to Apple

Google’s lifelogging tools

Last but definitely not the least, we have our dearly beloved Mr. G. The very fact that Google has been made into a verb shows how much it has been intertwined with every portion of our lives. And it also shows just how likely this tech giant could potentially be the leader in the lifelogging scene. At the tip of the iceberg, Google has introduced the Android Wear Developer platform (video above) to call for the more intentional attitude and lifestyle of lifelogging to accompany its entire Android system that most smartphones run on. Step Sensors are but one of the many possibilities that can be derived through this developer platform. Are you ready to both generate and keep information close to you as you move?

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Video credited to Android Developers

And we are heading towards…

For everything that we’ve seen today in the major players of the smart phone industry, one common concept that draws them altogether is this – calm technology. This prophetic concept (or perhaps self-fulfilling prophecy) relies on three principles:

  1. The user’s attention to the technology must reside mainly in the periphery. This means that either the technology can easily shift between the center of attention and the periphery or that much of the information conveyed by the technology is present in the periphery rather than the center.
  2. The technology increases a user’s use of his or her periphery. This creates a pleasant user experience by not overburdening the user with information.
  3. The technology relays a sense of familiarity to the user and allows awareness of the user’s surroundings in the past, present, and future.

Even though the technology in our smartphones is slowly heading towards the age of calm technology, much still remains to be explored as the tech giants currently only focus on fitness and health tracking apps. The big question remains: what would it really take for our smart phones (or some other futuristic device) to move beyond merely tracking our movements to truly embody the essence of lifelogging?

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Image credited to Redefining Life Coaching

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Ways to get involved with the Narrative Community!

What an insanely exciting month it has been for Narrative! This past month, we have launched a new price point ($229 with 3 months of Cloud Service), and have extended our sales channels to Photojojo and Amazon. We have also started offering faster shipping for our Narrative Clips. (Yay!)

All these milestones are incredibly exciting for us at Narrative Support. With all that’s happening at the same time (and more to come), we foresee our customer base increasing exponentially in the coming period. At Narrative, we value our customers as our topmost priority, which is why we want to make sure that all of our customers get a voice and are able to reach out to us easily, regardless whether it is awesome feedback or a troubleshooting issue.

This is why we are introducing the community part of Narrative Support today. We want you to join us in building up an amazing community of Narrative users, where we can engage with one another and share ideas to improve our product. 

Contact Narrative Support

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If you have contacted us before, you have probably gone through one of these options: either emailing us at support ( or contacting us on our Facebook and Twitter Pages (@Narrativehelp). We’ve heard all of you who have gotten in touch and now we want to challenge you to go three steps further – by engaging with us on our Knowledge Base, Suggestion Board and also on our community page! Let’s take a look at them…

Engaging with us on our Knowledge Base

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We will keep track of trending questions and topics that receive a large amount of vote, and update each issue with a status - the issues can be assigned any of the statuses shown above, with a clear explanation behind the decision.

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Our suggestion board also allows you to browse for common ideas given by our users. You can easily search for the top ideas, the newest ones or according to the statuses and give your opinion on each matter. Depending on the nature of the comment posted, we will always try our best to get back to you. You will be notified when your comment has been replied.

Understanding what you think about our product and services will not only help us improve quality, but will also give us insights into what features and services you would like to see in our products. 

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Life with the Narrative Clip: An interview with Keith Harding

Somerset U.K.

How long have you been using your Narrative Clip?
Since 29th April, 2014

How often do you use your Clip and in what settings?
At present I have not used my Clip as often as I would have liked, but the results that I have seen that it has captured are just jaw dropping! But I have used it to record a special birthday treat day out.

Please explain your decision behind getting a Narrative Clip?
I originally had the Narrative bought as a present for me to take photos of my family on vacation/holiday.

(Yes I’m one of those dads who’s always taking family photos) The idea being that the Narrative Clip would take care of the “taking of photos” and I could join in with the family fun. I have tried taking vacation photos for my family and to enjoy without the need to keep reaching for the camera. A previous attempt, that had produced some surprisingly good results, made use of a Dashboard Camera secured to my shirt with elastic bands!

But now I have my Narrative Clip to capture it all, and my family and I are all looking forward to our future vacations, and what surprises my Narrative will show us. The results it has given us all so far are just fantastic.

So far it has surpassed our expectations, but we want to get the very best from it in the future. We are looking forward to taking it with us to Legoland Windsor soon, and we have a long awaited (and very much needed) vacation to California in a few weeks time, and My Narrative is going along as part of the family!

Describe what is it about the Narrative Clip that you like best?
Where do I start? What a brilliant device you’ve made for us all to enjoy.

I am genuinely at odds with where to start, but I’m not too sure it’s not “My Narrative” any more? As a family we have all found ourselves huddled around the PC screen watching in wonder at the newly uploaded images as they appear (on the screen).

How do you wear/use the camera?
The design of the Clip make it very easy to wear. I clip mine over the top of the collar of my sweatshirt. Or now it’s been a bit warmer, I clip it on the button up piece of my polo shirt.

As for using it, I forget it’s there. Although my wife has often double tapped it a few times when she has noticed that I’ve stopped to look at something.

I was nervous of losing it, and so I have devised a small safety strap that connects the Clip to a button hole, so if it does get dislodged it can not fall off unnoticed.

Keith Harding

Do you have any stories around how people react to the Clip?
I am sure a lot of people keep looking to see what it is I am wearing. Personally I am surprised how often I forgot that I am wearing it. Although I felt conscious of it recently when someone glanced down at my collar as I approached the mens room, but I quickly flipped it over to face inside my shirt. A useful tip to all new owners of the Narrative Clip!

What is best moment you’ve captured with the Narrative Clip and why?
The very first use of what it could do; I thought I’d use it to capture the sunrise.

Keith First day

To avoid taking pictures of my neighbours I actually pointed it roughly NNE and not due East, and left it in the window as I went to bed.

The next evening I plugged it into my PC. It said that the battery power was down to 35% from the 100% fully charged from the night when I put it in the window just after 10 p.m.

It is set up to copy to both PC and the Cloud, so that we could look at the results on the PC screen. Just as well as the 1GByte of captured photos was estimated to take nearly 7 hours to upload to the Cloud at our slow rural 42kBits per second upload connection.

We imported all the Captured jpegs into Magix Movie Edit Pro, adjusted the individual image time to be very short and made a 1 minute 10 second video of our first full day of pictures.

The result was spectacular!

Darkness slowly opened into a very foggy morning, but as the “video” changed from black to grainy, so our garden appeared!

The images changed as the morning fog ebbed back and forth like the tide. The fog retreated and our neighbours gardens appeared.

Slowly the movements of clouds above were apparent.

A splendid vista drew itself before us. The greenery of the gardens, the school playing field, and the Mendip Hills beyond.

Black flakes randomly appeared in single frames. Then in one frame the flake had its wings outstretched as it swooped by. So many birds visit our garden.

Another flake was a helicopter flying overhead.

Patches of colour on the green of the school field in the distance danced about. The school children were playing or having P.E.

So many things were happening, that in our busy world just pass by unnoticed?

The clouds above moved and danced, breathing in and out as they grew and “vapourised”. Hues of grey and blue flowed across a white canvas, like a trail of steam behind a puffing steam train.

The wind changed direction and the large white cotton balls floating along were stretched into long fibrous shards sweeping across the sky.

Like a two dimensional cartoon character cannot perceive our three dimensional world, we cannot see the 4th dimension that we live along. But thanks to my new Narrative Clip I might have just caught a glimpse of it!”

What’s a specific use case for your Narrative Clip that you’re looking forward to trying out?
My family and I are theme park junkies and can not wait to see the results of a day in a theme park, and any special photos taken whilst on rides. I am so looking forward to the fun and pleasure that lie ahead for my family and I to enjoy, capture, and enjoy again.

What’s a feature(s) you’d really like to see added to the Narrative service in the future?
A software idea might be to have a tick box to allow “Shutdown PC When Upload Complete” on the Narrative Uploader software. Therefore, if you have a slow Broadband connection you can leave it uploading unsupervised.

A security feature might be to have a Security ID number etched on the back, perhaps with a notice “If Found please contact 00800 xxxxxx”.

Or as part of the Uploader software it could alert the registered email address that the Clip has been found and plugged into unrecognized PC. As it is GPS enabled it could also let you know where it is.

My family and I have a number of hardware ideas that might be worth considering that include:

  • The WiFi Docking Port shown on your website looks a brilliant idea
  • A simple removable cover to protect the Lens when the Clip is plugged into the PC for photo uploading or for battery charging might be a useful feature to add. Alternatively a small hard case to store the Clip in whilst it is not in use, or whilst traveling. Maybe this could be made as a waterproof or sand proof case to protect the Clip whilst in use at the beach.
  • I have  attached a small chain to my Clip that has a “key ring” attachment that I thread through and clip to a button hole on my shirt. But for extra security a mount like a Gorrila Pod might be useful for strapping it onto a ride vehicle at a theme park.
  • We have already adapted a car windscreen suction mount to hold my Narrative Clip in place, and we have managed to capture some entertaining results of our journeys so far. A purpose built unit would be a useful addition.

Keith Car

Keith Car 2

Anything else you’d like to add or other Clip photos you’d like to share?
I am so impressed by the results that I have had from my Narrative Clip that I have set up my own YouTube site to allow me to show them off.

My first day of photographs as a Time-lapse video described above.

You can also view my first complete day from sunrise to sunset.

Although this is a spectacular video of what the Narrative is capable of, the best photograph was of my son at his 17th birthday party. My son is disabled and can find it very hard to smile on cue, but this photo of him is just brilliant as it captures the fun he was having on his special day out without him having to pose for a photo.

Keith's son

I can see a real market for families like ours that can find it difficult to take good photos of our children. Also it could help reinforce memories for people with memory problems or dementia.

Here are some more photos we’ve captured with the Clip:

This week in lifelogging: real-life superheroes, super Dads and the magnificent world they live in

Not all wear capes

Countless movies have been released year after year surrounding the theme of superheroes and their ability to save all of us from some sort of impending death. This year alone, we have our dearly beloved X-Men, Captain America and Spider-Man, amongst countless others in various forms like robots in Transformers or huge animals in Godzilla. Yet, to say that superheroes only exist in the movies is perhaps making a claim that is too unrealistic. Even though we don’t see flying people or giant creatures that save us from our own destruction, fact is – superheroes do exist. They exist in forms that are so indistinguishable from everyday people like you and me. Therefore, in a bid to prevent the next generation from believing that superheroes only exist in fictitious movies, one photographer by the name of Brandon Cawood has gone about documenting the lives of these real-life superheroes. Through a series called “Not All Wear Capes“, Cawood hopes to remind us to honour the men and women who risk their lives for the good of the society on a daily basis. From firefighters and policemen to healthcare professionals, these are indeed the groups of people who have put their best foot forward to save us all from human and natural disasters. Kudos to all of them!

Read more: Artistic Photo Series Reminds Us That The True Superheroes Among Us Don’t Wear Capes

Image credited to Brandon Cawood

Of life and loss

Well of course, one key difference between the superheroes we see in the movies and in real life is the fact that real-life superheroes are going to depart from this Earth one day. Time on Earth is not infinite, and that is also why lifelogging is so essential – both for people to reminisce upon the greatest and happiest moments here on Earth, yet more importantly to serve as timely reminders and life lessons for the future generations that they will never meet. To fulfil both of these purposes for lifelogging, photographer Andrew George decides to embark on a project that documents everyday heroes in their final moments of life. This series, known as “Right, before I die“, visually journals what people felt were their greatest contributions, their greatest regrets, as well as other heart-wrenching lessons they learnt over the course of their lives.

Read more: Heartbreaking Photo Project Captures Everyday Heroes In Their Last Moments Of Life

Image credited to Andrew George

Celebrating Super Dads!

And of course, one of those everyday heroes close to our hearts are definitely the fathers. For all the times they have answered our calls, screams and cries, and dutifully provided for the family, perhaps it is now time to shower them with a little more love than we think they need. This Father’s Day, Dove has put together a touching video that portrays Dads caring for their little bundles of joy. Despite their strong front, Dads do deserve that outward expression of our love towards them. So spend some quality time with your dads this Father’s Day and here are some DIY Father’s Day gift ideas if you’re stuck. Happy Father’s Day to all and feel free to comment below if you have an amazing Dad story to share!

Read more: What Father’s Day Means When You Never Had a Father and 3 Incredibly Touching Father’s Day Ads

Video credited to Dove Men Care

The world in which they live

Despite the countless differences amongst the above superheroes, one thing that draws them all together is the fact that they live in a fascinating world that is worth logging and documenting about before they disappear or alter. From magnificent landscapes and endangered animal species to disappearing cultures, many photographers have set their hearts to capture them before they are absolutely gone. The picture above, for instance, is taken by Robb Kendrick, showing how a little girl is receiving blessings from The Elephant Velliamma at Nataraja Temple in India. Change is unstoppable in our society, sometimes accelerating at a pace faster than we ever hoped for. Perhaps the one thing that we can all do to seemingly slow things down is then to pursue an active lifelogging attitude to document the world before change takes over.

Read more: National Geographic Photos Capture The Beauty Of The World More Than Words Ever Could and 12 Absolutely Mesmerizing Photos From The 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Image credited to Christie | National Geographic

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This week in lifelogging: 2014 World Cup and everything you would want to know about it

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. The heat is on, as we all around the world wait in anticipation to see who will clinch the championship title in the end. Running from 12 June to 13 July 2014, this year’s World Cup will take place in Brazil and you could find the exact match schedule here! We at Narrative are also extremely excited because we know that there is at least one Narrative Clip that will be present in Brazil to capture those special moments, thanks to a Narrative Clip user Richard Glenn. Yet before all that action happens next week, we already see some pre-match lifelogging taking place – everything from individual players, within and between the teams, as well as from a macro country’s perspective. From heart-wrenching stories to uncertain outcomes, the author is set to convert anyone who cannot stand watching 20-odd men chasing after a single soccer ball. Are you moved?

Read more: 7 Dramatic Storylines to Make Anyone a World Cup Soccer Fan and World Cup Players To Watch For, Part I: Groups A & B

Image credited to FIFA

Fixtures and results beautifully displayed

sports interaction

Now if you find that the above match schedule is too incomprehensive, you could also head over here for the most beautifully and clearly displayed fixtures. Besides knowing exactly when your favourite team will be playing under the tab “groups”, you could also see how the teams advance under the tab “knockout” – from top 16 to the quarter finals, to the semi finals and eventually the final showdown. You could even click on a specific country to discover fun facts like the number of games played, won, drawn and lost. Isn’t it great how someone is keeping a record of everything at the 2014 World Cup and making it so aesthetically beautiful and easy to follow?

Image credited to Sports Interaction

World Cup kits through the ages

world cup kits

And if you’ve stuck around with the World Cup for a long time now, you would probably have certain team jerseys that you loved and others that you absolutely abhor. Can’t remember which were the ones that fell into those two categories? Not to worry! The team at The Guardian has designed an interactive guide to the World Cup kits through the ages since it began in 1930. Simply click on the team you’re interested in and the guide will take you through the number of tournaments played and won, as well as the soccer gear that they put on for the matches. Now you can show off a little more of that sartorial history of your favourite teams and their rivals to those who are unaware of this great graphic. Notice how the fashion in soccer evolved so much for countries like USA and Colombia, and hardly did for others like Switzerland and Argentina! Any one that you particularly fancy this year?

Image credited to The Guardian

Wearable technology for sports

With the rise in use of wearable tech devices for the purpose of lifelogging or fitness tracking, many have predicted that wearable tech for sports will be the wave of the future. In the picture you see above, you would find what is known as the Spree Headband, which measures your heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories burnt amongst other metrics. Besides Spree, one noteworthy tech start-up in Cambridge, MC10, is also playing with a prototype of its Biostamp. This device is a barely visible 2-square-inch patch, designed to stick on any body part like a second skin and record biometric data from heart rate and hydration levels to muscle activity and sleep patterns. This flexible patch of second skin will definitely make it easy for athletes to move about as they wish without feeling like a device is holding them back. Perhaps some athletes at the 2014 World Cup will also be wearing some of these devices so do keep a lookout!

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Better smashes

And if all that talk about the 2014 FIFA World Cup is still not going to convert you to a fan because you simply adore Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams too much, or are a tennis player yourself, then you might be interested in this wearable tech device that we are about to introduce. The black wristband that you see in the picture above is known as Smash, and prides itself in being the game changing tennis wearable. Smash gives you insights into your game and then advises you on points of improvement. From that backhand swing to the volley, Smash takes hundreds of measurements in a second to give you a detailed picture of your game. It also allows you to compete against others and yourself so that you will be motivated to improve your strokes. Interested in Smash? Head over to their Kickstarter campaign to support them now. Have a smashing good weekend!

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Getting more out of your photos and memories


The Narrative Community is growing fast and we’re happy to see more and more people gaining value from documenting the things important to them, be it every day use or special occasions.

When defining and designing the Narrative Service, we always aim to make the experience as easy and rewarding as possible. Today we’re excited to bring you a update that will make browsing your moments and photos more enjoyable.

We have made improvements to the Moment view where we’ve essentially removed cropping from portrait photos. The App now better utilizes screen estate in order to give you more details of your captured photos. This is something we have been testing internally and receiving feedback on for a while now.

While our image algorithms and cropping are constantly getting better and more on point, we realized that it’s not something we can fully rely on when showing photos in the App, since a lot of information was naturally being left out of portrait style photos.

The reason we initially started out with a standard 4:3 photo format was to find a cohesive format to use across the service and also to keep loading times to a minimum. That being said, we’ve also put a lot of work in to making moments and photos load faster while still bringing them to you in a bigger, more true format.

We’re also happy to say that landscape browsing now is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It gives you a more focused and detailed way of browsing through your photos.

Important to note: These changes have been made to all of your existing photos, so you can now fully enjoy all your captured photos in the correct ratio within the Narrative App.

The Narrative App now better utilizes screen space.

The Narrative App now better utilizes screen space.

Get a more detailed view of your photos in Landscape. You can still seamlessly browse all your photos by swiping left and right.

Get a more detailed view of your photos in Landscape. You can still seamlessly browse all your photos by swiping left and right.

Depending on how you wear your Narrative Clip, the photos will come out in portrait or landscape.

Depending on how you wear your Narrative Clip, the photos will come out in portrait or landscape.

Looking ahead

We are working really hard on improving your experience with the Narrative Service and appreciate all your valuable feedback. While constantly improving stability and speed (uploading, moment creation and browsing) we are currently exploring ways to quickly organize and find photos that are important to you, and how you can take all the photos you’ve captured and create meaningful experiences for you and others. Stay tuned for more updates regarding that.

Get the update today

Narrative for iOS version 1.1.0 is available today for download in the App Store, and Narrative for Android version 1.1.3 is available for download on Google Play. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Sebastian Björkelid, Product Manager
Petri Määttä, Head of Design

How to get Narrative immediately and at a price you’ll love

 Immediate shippingfast-shipping-icon

We’ve been shipping the Narrative Clip since December 2013. A steadily increasing crowd of users from around the world has starting sharing their stories of how they use Narrative. But, to be part of this crowd, you had to stand in line from anywhere between a month to over a year!! That really takes some patience and commitment!

No more of that now.

As of today, Narrative is available for immediate shipping. This means, we have a full stock of Narrative Clips ready to ship out as soon as you place your order. Then, depending on the country your Clip is destined for, it takes only a few days before you can start capturing your moments hands-free and effortlessly.

$229, 3 months subscription included

What’s more, we’ve listened to those of you who have asked to try out the Narrative Clip with a shorter included subscription time. 12 months can be a long time for a new product you’ve never seen before.

You can now choose to get your Narrative Clip with only 3 months subscription for $229. The standard option of 12 months subscription for $279 remains for those of you who want the best deal for your subscription.

Coming soon! Narrative on Amazon

Last but not least, you will be able to get Narrative at the same place you get all your other stuff. Amazon, that is. As you might have noticed, Amazon launched a new wearables section a few weeks back and Narrative is proud to be one of a few selected brands to be featured there.

Through Amazon, you will be able to buy Narrative Clip with the 3 month subscription at $229 and the speedy delivery you’re used to.

We hope you’ll like these improvements to the availability of Narrative. Keep telling us how we can improve and we look forward to future wonderful things to happen.


Life with the Narrative Clip: An interview with Christian Payne

Christian Payne aka @Documentally

Cambridgeshire, England

How long have you been using your Narrative Clip?
Since March 2014.

How often do you use your Clip and in what settings?
Whenever travelling any journey or environment I would like to remember.

Please explain your decision behind getting a Narrative Clip?
I like to document the world around me and experiment with tech that impacts the way we interact with the world and each other.

Describe what is it about the Narrative Clip that you like best?
It’s all about the moments it captures that you would never have captured without it.

How do you wear/use the camera?


I clip it on to clothing mostly but if I am to drive a long way or be seated in the same place I will occasionally take it off to face me and whoever I am seated with.

I tend to convert the images to black and white. I feel it suits the format. Especially with low light shots.

And here is an image taken of me wearing it on stage at Thinking Digital 2014:


Image credited to Ian Forrester | Thinking Digital 2014

What’s the most surprising and/or interesting photo you’ve gotten so far?
This one that I’ve posted on my blog:

For me photography with the Narrative Clip is not about all the photos it captures. It’s about the one or two you would never have captured without it.

I clip it on and forget about it. At the end of the day there’s one or two photos captured I’d have love to have taken consciously.

The camera was peeking out of my jacket when it captured me fastening my lad’s seatbelt.

A nothing shot to many, but so much more to me. I remember the moment, the conversation, his innocent thoughts on the world and my fatherly worry for the journey that lies ahead of him. I want to be there for every step, but it’s his journey. An adventure I’ll always want to share in. While he lets me.

I’m thinking all this as I fasten his seatbelt. In the hope to protect him on the road ahead.

Do you have any stories around how people react to the Clip?
On the whole, when noticed, it’s been met with curiosity and interest. It’s only when people think it records video or sound that I get more serious questions.

What is best moment you’ve captured with the Narrative Clip and why?
Any moment that takes me back to a place. Sometimes just reviewing the images will remind me of something I wanted to recall from the day. This is especially useful when writing. The images do not have to be sharp or well composed to remind me of that part of the day, of details I would otherwise have forgotten.

What’s a specific use case for your Narrative Clip that you’re looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to travelling to more places where photography is not always allowed. Recently I was in Lebanon and captured images that I would not have lifted a camera for.

What’s a feature(s) you’d really like to see added to the Narrative service in the future?
I would like a bright large optic that collects more light. I’d also like the lens to be flush with the camera so that it does not collect pocket fluff. The non flush lens is a pain. I’d also like to be able to view and selectively download images from the camera via a mobile device. There are many times I travel where there is no internet connection and the images are either stuck on the camera or clogging up a laptop while I wait to upload. I’d also like a variety of fastening options. A lanyard or magnet perhaps. A better clip etc..

Low light is pretty bad. Looking forward to future iterations.

Also it would be easy to make it waterproof. I worry when out and about.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I charge mine face down with a little solar panel that sits next to a window so it’s always ready to go. This would make a great accessory. Maybe if there was a little solar panel on the back perhaps?

Keep up the good work.