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Future Memoto Camera Accessories + Hardware and Software Harmony

100 cameras away from reaching a goal

We know it’s not a concept in the world outside of Kickstarter, but we love it and think it’s never too late for a stretch goal. So, if you’ve been here from the beginning or are just getting to know us, we’ve got some news regarding the $700,000 stretch goal! (For those of you who don’t know, stretch goal is a Kickstarter term, meaning that due to reaching a certain level of funding, we can allot an amount of funds towards projects that would otherwise have to wait until we have finished others.) The last stretch goal began when we became 1000% funded on Kickstarter and the reward for reaching it was developed from requests we received from very interested and vocal backers (if you have an idea, please let us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you). Even though our Kickstarter project has ended, we have continued the stretch goal through pre-orders on Memoto.com.

What does reaching this stretch goal mean?

The stretch goal will be achieved when the amount of our Kickstarter campaign added to our pre-orders on Memoto.com equal $700,000. Currently, we are about 100 cameras away from this goal! Reaching it will allow us to include room in the budget to start working on three different accessories: The Memoto Wifi dock, the waterproof case and the wide-angle lens. As soon as the cameras are out the factory door, we will start developing these gadgets.

Below are the original concept design of these accessories. The finalized version of the accessories may change during the design process and differ from these sketches.

The Memoto Wifi Dock – part of a stretch goal of $700,000 that we didn’t reach but which still offered us an opportunity to talk about future accessories. At Memoto.com, we will keep displaying the progress towards this stretch goal.

The Memoto Wifi Dock will streamline the entire lifelogging process. There are no buttons to push, simply wear, charge and wear again! The dock will have an SD-card slot for exchangeable memory storage, making it useful for charging and offloading photos from the Memoto Camera even when there is no wifi around for syncing.


Waterproof Case – For all of you who imagine doing heavy duty lifelogging, whether it be swimming, hiking, scuba diving or doing hard work, we would like to develop a sturdy waterproof shell for the Memoto Camera. It will be made of hard transparent acrylic, have a really beautiful design but still be very functional, including a metal tripod mount.


The wide-angle lens will be a corner snap-on, most likely giving the camera a 135 degree viewing angle. And, don’t worry, we’ll make sure it fits inside the waterproof case!

(You can read about our previous stretch goals here and here)


The testing and tweaking the Memoto PCB continues. The core camera functionality is in place, which lets us try the whole service chain (read on to see what that means).

Here’s a video of the PCB being tested by our engineers. Notice the excitement!


More good news: the algorithms are working! What does that mean? It means the moments (the photo groups) are being sorted correctly, lighting is being evaluated, faces are being detected and the most interesting photos are ending up as keyframes on the apps’ timeline! Tapping on one of those keyframes plays a time lapse video of all photos from that moment.

Being such a crucial part of the whole Memoto service, we are extremely pleased to see it works so well but we will keep developing and improving the algorithms over time. Also, we are tweaking all form and functionality to deliver a really superb feeling once the app is released.

In total: from taking photos to viewing moments on the smartphone app, the chain is complete and functioning!

So the camera captures photos. It stores them on its memory chip. The desktop client uploads them to our cloud service. The algorithm does its magic. The best photos are shown on a working prototype of the iPhone and the Android app… It’s all there! This is huge!


A working prototype being used earlier this week by Björn!

We are eager to show you photos from the camera. In the coming weeks, as we move out of this alpha testing stage and begin working with prototypes that will have the exact same components as the cameras you will receive, we will release the test photos.

Now, we will keep working on the details: tweaking the hardware and firmware to make the camera take even better pictures, introducing more features and functionality to both the hardware and software, producing and testing the real camera case and polishing the design of the apps.

The Memoto Lifelogging Camera is available for pre-order on Memoto.com. Reserve yours today!

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Designing storage for your memories

The brain and the heart

When looking at the smart technology behind the Memoto camera you could consider it the brain behind Memoto, enabling you to capture the everyday moments of your life.

To view your moments, you’ll need to use Memoto’s smartphone application. This is where the emotional side of your moments comes into play as you re-live them and remember time spent with friends and loved ones. The application categorizes your moments and presents them to you in a way that reflects your life, making the application Memoto’s heart.

Re-living your moments

At Memoto, we don’t take lightly the importance of creating a good user experience around your moments. That’s why we’ve started by revising the most central part of the application: The timeline.

How moments are sorted and displayed for you on the timeline are a central part of the experience, and it’s also where you, as a user, will spend most of your time. We have put a lot of effort into making the timeline a seamless experience; one that feels easy to use, yet provides you with relevant information about your collected moments.

When using the Memoto camera on a daily basis, you will capture a lot of moments. That’s why the main challenge of the UX/design has been to separate moments while also keeping them connected, allowing you to easily see how many moments you’ve captured and on what day.

We’ve integrated the GPS and time data you collect, together with your captured images to create a focal point for the eye that guides you in browsing through your moments.

Screenshots of the wip-design:

Snapshot of the new timeline. 


The information you collect together with your moments will be a focal point in the design, making it easy to get a overview of the day, time and location of where they were captured.


Spreadsheets that explain the design and figures as a guide for our kick ass developers.

We look forward to keeping you in the loop regarding the design and we’ll post further updates as we go along. In our next post, we will be covering the Moment view. Stay tuned!

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/ Petri Määttä
 Art Director
/Sebastian Björkelid

Seamless Lifelogging with The Memoto App

The development team is hard at work on the Memoto App. Reaching the 2nd stretch goal allowed us to hire a project manager to facilitate the app development process and make sure we deliver the best possible product. Here’ s a look at how the app will work with your Memoto camera to bring you seamless lifelogging and how things are coming along.

The photos are analyzed based on various algorithms that consider not only explicit markers like GPS and time, but also lighting, clarity, photo composition, face detection and changes in context.

So, a moment may be 50 photos or 500, depending on these factors. For instance:

  • Your commute in your car (100 photos)
  • Meeting your co-worker on your way into the office (10 photos)
  • Getting coffee (6 photos)
  • Work at your desk (200 photos)
  • Attending a meeting (150 photos)
  • Lunch with a friend (100 photos)
These moments will then be presented to you on your smartphone as a Timeline; You can then go into a moment, view it as a time-lapse video and see other information about the moment, such as location and time. 


Smartphone App Timeline and Moment View Screenshot (click for larger view)

The App in its current state


A look around the Stockholm Development Office


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