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This week in lifelogging: mobility with wearable tech, QS with Foursquare and memories during sleep

Free yourself with wearable tech


If you ask us to define the purpose of wearable tech, our first instinct is to say that it exists to free us from the struggle finding ways to improve certain aspects of our lives without impeding them, and the desire to document what happens around us and even within us. Yet this week, we discovered that wearable tech means more than that. Wearable tech means building a sort of balanced ecosystem with the gadgets that serve to enrich our lives. In the eyes of the mobile phone company Vodafone and University of Southampton, this means making use of the energy that our bodies produce to generate electricity to charge our mobile phones or gadgets. Currently, the kinetic and thermoelectric technology can be harnessed through two products: The Power Shorts and The Recharge Sleeping Bag. And if you worry about wear and tear in these products, you could even use Bare Paint, developed by graduates from the London’s Royal College of Art, to draw up electric circuits. All you have to do is move it to charge it!

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On the move with wearable tech

And if mobility is one of the key reasons why you don wearable tech devices, this upcoming product might excite you just as much. A Russian startup, LiveMap, is working on an Iron Man helmet – a motorcycle helmet that has a built-in navigation system that accepts voice commands.  Check out their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign here!

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Quantifying on the go with Foursquare

foursquare time machine demo

Now if you’ve been getting around a lot on your motorcycle or just donning the Power Shorts and running around to generate more electrical energy for charging your devices, remember to check-in on your Foursquare account because Foursquare just got better. For the love of the quantified self, Foursquare has introduced the Foursquare Time Machine to let you view all your past check-ins on a beautiful visualization that you see in the picture above. You could even share this with your loved ones to let them know of your favorite cafes or hangout zones. This move by Foursquare surely helps us to help others understand us better. Maybe the quantified self movement is becoming the quantified us movement? Stay tuned!

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Sleep and memory

With all that moving around, we now touch upon an extremely important topic in lifelogging – sleep. Yes, you heard us right. Sleep is as important in lifelogging as being active and archiving the things you do. Sleep has been shown to be key in consolidating our memories. While we can rely on all kinds of devices to help us remember every moment, the primary lifelogging device is still our brain’s ability to retain precious memories. We all know how important sleep is in restoring our bodies and some even use sleeping pills in order to get that good rest that we deserve. However, the latest studies have shown that the commonly prescribed sleeping aid (known as Ambien), though effective in helping us sleep, heightens the recollection of and response to negative memories. Better to think twice before we pop that next pill, maybe?

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Time-lapse video: Existence

Putting all that research about negative memories aside, we love how time-lapse videos simply remind us of how beautiful life is. We came across this one (above) earlier this week and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Have a great weekend and we wish all fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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This week in lifelogging: top Internet trends 2013, Disney Magicband and fashion geeks

Mary Meeker’s top Internet trends 2013

Have we nailed it with the Memoto Lifelogging Experience? We certainly hope so! Mary Meeker, a general parter at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has shared some insightful information on the Internet’s top trends in 2013. Out of this detailed analysis, we at Memoto are happy to know that quantified self data derived from wearable sensors are growing by times two month after month. In addition, photo taking and sharing is still an increasing phenomenon, which is accelerated by the fact that smartphones are still in the early stages and have a potential growth of three to four times their current stage.

Read more: KPCB Internet Trends 2013 full report and Key takeaways from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report

Wearable tech in Disney

Every one agrees with Mary Meeker on the wave of wearable tech. Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Disney. Yes, even the Disney theme parks. In order to enhance visitors’ experience, a new wristband was introduced to allow visitors to make purchases and reserve experiences at various check points. These wristbands are also aimed at preventing ticket fraud or lost tickets so you can enjoy your rides, worry-free. And if some of the rides are simply too exciting, why not put on a second wristband to monitor your nervous system? Check out the W/Me Kickstarter project here!

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New workout app for Pebble

If the Disney theme park rides simply don’t get your heart pumping fast enough, a new app developed by Alex Kennberg could probably do the job. The Pebble wrist watch, initially intended to be a smartphone companion, is now seeing new features and applications. The new app by Kennberg, for instance, guides users through 12 exercises in a 7-minute workout. And while you are working out, many developers out there are probably already thinking of new ways to integrate the Pebble smart watch into your everyday life with its expanded SDK and API options.

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Geeks in the fashion industry

We have great news for fashionistas who happen to be just a little… geeky. The convergence of fashion and wearable technology has brought the versatility of fashion apparel to a whole new level. No longer will we be confined by the limitations of the wardrobe or the ever familiar, “I need more clothes to match my new purple sweater.” This new technology gadget, known as the Adafruit Flora sensor, has a built-in color sensor that automatically emits your preferred color. Simply shine the sensor on another object and you’ve got a scarf of a totally new color that reflects that item. And if the fashion geek in you simply cannot tolerate the fact that your smartphone runs out of battery all the time, this trendy purse might just be the solution. Don’t you just love it when style meets technology?

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This week in lifelogging: Wearable tech revolution, Oakley’s new ski goggles and lifelogging insights

Revolutionizing our world with wearable tech

The wave of wearable tech gadgets seems to be bringing with it a new unlocking of possibilities – the propagation and development of brainwave technology, which is the ability to control our digital gadgets with our thoughts. One of the advantages of using brainwave technology is the opportunity to open more channels by which stroke patients can communicate. While some might argue that brainwave technology is not developed to the extent of replacing our traditional passwords with thought-based authentication, there exist an expanding base of players in this brainwave technology market. These include Muse by InteraxonZenTunes and MindWave. Perhaps technology will require near-zero effort from us in the future.

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Oakley’s new ski goggles

Besides tech companies, many fitness equipment giants have also hopped onto this wave of wearable technology. Adding to that list is Mr. Oakley, who has recently offered some kind of Google Glass, carefully tailored for winter sportsmen, to provide jump analytics, altitude, vertical descent data, speed, various other information, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with your smartphone. Would you like an Oakley Airwave Snow, retailing at $599.95?

Lifelogging and memory

memory- relax

While there are many reasons for lifelogging, the most prominent one would probably manifest in some relation to our memory. In a study done by students from the Dublin City University investigating the reasons for lifelogging, it is said that some of us do it to reminisce, while others want to learn about an unknown early stage or simply to tell and pass down stories. This could stem from the fact that we, as humans, are simply wired to forget certain experiences that we wished we had remembered more vividly about. This week, we delved a little deeper into the reasons for memory lapses and found out that they occur as a necessity for consolidating information and memories in the brain. So, the next time you forget someone’s name, don’t be embarrassed. It’s all part of remembering it in future.

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What is it about lifelogging and anonymity?

BBC lifelogging and anonymity

In an increasingly social world in terms of the number of social media platforms and the amount of time that users spend on them, it is no wonder that the sum of user-generated content is increasing at an exponential rate. Believe it or not, the inherent desire to lifelog has been a driving force behind the exploding amounts of user-generated content. Every one wants evidence of that particular experience that they had. Inevitably, some people begin to wonder if they could ever remain anonymous, especially when photos can now be automatically tagged using face recognition technologies. Watch the video by BBC Future below and let us know what you think! 

Watch video here: Lifelogging: What it means for anonymity

Happy Earth Day!

Just this week on April 22nd, Earth Day was observed in hopes of gathering support for environmental issues. Here at Memoto, we would also like to take this chance to share the above time-lapse video of beautiful snippets around the Earth to remember this day. Feel free to share your Earth Day moments in the comments below!

More videos here: Celebrate Earth Day With These 10 Spectacular Time-Lapse Videos

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This week in lifelogging: Sleeker Google Glass, Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and Memoto listed as one of the 33 hottest tech companies in Sweden

Google Glass has a new, sleeker competitor from Japan

Several Japanese firms have collaborated to create this Google Glass twin – the Telepathy One. However, there are several key differences between them. For one, the Telepathy One uses a micro-projection unit instead of a tiny glass display. Telepathy One also places more focus on the ears rather than the eyes, as seen from the entire device being held in place by its in-ear ear buds. Would you purchase the Telepathy One as an alternative to Google Glass?

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Smartphone scanner turns old negatives into digital Lomography copies

Got some film negatives buried under some well-archived treasure chest in your basement? Not sure what to do with them? This new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner will take care of it. Simply turn the device on, insert your film, take a photo of it using your Smartphone and use your phone’s camera or the mobile app to edit and share. Bring the memories back!

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Lifelogging – for you and your pet

Designing pet collars for the Memoto camera has been a top request. While not every one is a dog lover out there, we understand the interest. Although there are many reasons, it appears that quantifying one’s pet would provide a voice that its owners would actually understand. Thumbs up for a canine Memoto camera?

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Maureen Lipman: If Memory Serves Me Right

In a bid to understand how memory works and if you can do anything to improve it, British actress and writer, Maureen Lipman, created a documentary “If Memory Serves Me Right.” Inspired by her own father who suffered from short-term memory losses, and fears of this happening to herself, Maureen Lipman interviewed memory experts and people who suffered from memory loss. Read more about what inspired her journey of personal and scientific discovery here; and if you live in the UK, you can watch the documentary here.

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Memoto listed as 33 hottest tech companies in Sweden

This week Memoto won two awards, one for Nyteknik and Affärsvärldens “Sweden’s 33 hottest technology companies in 2013″ and the other for Veckans Affärers “Sweden’s 24 hottest entrepreneurs”. We wouldn’t have gotten there without your awesome support! A big thank you from the Memoto team.

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This Week in Lifelogging: SXSW Takeaways, Samsung & Wearable Tech and Time-Lapse Videos

Round-Up & Takeaways from SXSW

In concluding SXSW 2013 Accelerator Competition, one of the most emphasized themes was how there has been a gradual move from “Big Data” to “My Data”. At SXSW alone, we see an increase in the number of Quantified Self tools and wearable tech gadgets being made available, providing an indication of where we are heading – towards making technology work for us. For us at Memoto, besides soaking in the presence of the many Quantified Self tools and wearable tech gadgets, we took away 3 valuable lessons from SXSW and would like to share them with you. As a startup, we managed to gain a better insight into three aspects: connections, press mentions and energy. If you were also present at SXSW, we would like to know what your greatest takeaways were.

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Samsung Turning Up the Heat Against Apple iWatch


With the arrival of a new wave of wearable tech gadgets, it comes as no surprise that tech giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung are riding at the forefront of this wave. Samsung too? Yes, you heard right. Since Apple released news on its Apple iWatch, many have wondered why its other competitors have suddenly gone all quiet. Yet, just this week, Samsung announced that they have been working on a smart watch too. Well then, I guess we will all just have to keep watch for now!

Read more: Samsung VP: We are building a smart watch

Nike & Its Quantified Self Accelerator Programme

Taking a step towards the realm of fitness within the Quantified Self community, we see that fitness giant Nike has also decided to invest additional resources into developing some top-notch wearable tech gadgets to enhance one’s physical fitness performance. With 10 companies in its TechStars Accelerator, each possessing very different value propositions, it is definitely worth keeping a lookout to see which of them emerges as Nike’s Next Big Thing.

Read more: Meet the 10 digital fitness startups in the new Nike, TechStars accelerator

Beauty in Time-Lapse Videos

Could we build a ship in 76 seconds? Or take a spin through seven states in Australia in just 346 seconds? Or virtually orbit around the Earth in 248 seconds? These, and others, have been made possible through time-lapse videos, tediously put together by some of the most artistic and talented (and not to mention, very patient) people so that the rest of us on this Earth can take a visual tour and be blown away! And we’re anticipating in excitement to see how the Memoto Camera can propagate this beauty (:

Watch more time-lapse videos: A year through my window (Australia) and Time-Lapse | Earth

Release of Memoto Sample Photos and Moment View

Last week, we released some sample photos taken with our Memoto Camera prototype. This week, we provided more updates with respect to the Moment View on the Memoto Lifelogging App. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

Read more: Making sense of all your moments – Moment View

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This week in Lifelogging: Biohacking, wearable tech and an app that dreams big

Interested in Biohacking?


dave asprey

Dave Asprey, who appears in the upcoming Lifeloggers documentary, was interviewed by Business Insider about his involvement in the quantified self movement. “Through biohacking, Asprey says he’s learned how to “turn on happy” and turn off stress with just one breath. He’s even increased his IQ by more than by 20 points, but won’t say exactly how much.”

Read more: This Investor Spent ~$300,000 Hacking His Own Biology — And You Won’t Believe What He Learned About Orgasms

QS and Technology


The article mentions several different variables that are being tracked with ease by the currently available technology: Mood, eating habits, fitness goals, sleep, brainwave activity, life’s moments. “In today’s world, each individual is a mini-corporation gathering data, measuring inputs and outputs, and looking for insights to better lead their life.” What are you tracking about yourself? What do you use to track them?

Read more: How Technology is Driving the New Age of the Quantified Self

Future Tech


From wearable sensors to driverless cars, the coming technology looks interesting and is rapidly progressing. “You can bet there will be plenty of inventions in the realm of wearable computing, we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg now.” What kind of tech have you been waiting to see?

Read more: More (and Better) Gadgets Are Coming: Tech Matters

Wearable technology and driving


An interesting thing about this disruptive technology, especially wearables since they are so personal, is the uncertainty and interest in how it will transform current norms. People are already wondering how they will effect everything from activities like driving to socially constructed concepts like privacy. It will be interesting to see what other issues and concerns emerge as more devices are released. One thing we’re sure of is that wearing a Memoto camera while driving will certainly be legal, and maybe even preferable in the eyes of your insurance company:)

Read more: Is It Legal To Drive While Wearing Google Glass?

An App to help you achieve your dreams


Everest is an app that will help you identify, plan and motivate your way to realizing your dreams. The creators of the app claim it “helps you tackle goals by combining inspiration, organization and social support.” Read more about the app and let us know your opinion. Do you think an app like this would help you reach your big goals? Are you already using something like it? Do you see the Memoto camera complementing an app like this?

Read more: Everest, An Epic App For Achieving Your Dreams

Homer Simpson is a lifelogger

A photograph every day – Homer Simpson

Happy Friday!

The Perfect Package

A lot of things happened this week. Some highlights: moving the Stockholm team to a larger office, a company-wide planning session in Linköping and comparing packaging prototypes!

You might be surprised the amount of time and effort that goes into just our packaging. Quality is important to us, so we’ve been working with Ehrenstråhle & Wågnert this past year to create the perfect package for your Memoto Camera.

Ehrenstråhle & Wågnert is a Stockholm design agency with a focus on brand identity and packaging design. They’ve worked with some great internationally known companies and institutions, such as Rebtel, Stockholm School of Economics and iZettle.

The packaging design process began in May 2012 and was just finalized. Inspiration for the design came from the physical appeal books have; the packaging is meant to be something you’ll want to display and enjoy for years to come.

David Ehrenstråhle, who designed the Memoto packaging, explains the design process from his point of view, “Our main goal with the Memoto packaging design is to enhance the customer’s impression of the product; It should not only make the camera look neat and pleasant. We wanted to make a package that appeals to the consumer in a way that she or he wants to keep it as a decoration by itself. We always strive to make beautiful and innovative package design and hope that the end product with its pure and minimalistic form language will be a feast for your eyes.”

Here’s a peek at what you’ll be receiving. 





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The only way to get a Memoto Camera in the new color is…

…to back us on Kickstarter!

Thanks to everyone who took time to vote! The results are in: There are 719 votes for 29 different colors and the winner, with 312 votes, is…BLACK! This is possible because of all you wonderful backers. We reached the very first stretch goal with your help and now we have you to thank for helping us choose the new camera color! You guys are awesome!

The piano black camera will be made exclusively for Kickstarter. All backers will have black as a color choice for their camera. But the color is only available through Memoto’s Kickstarter campaign and will not be a color choice on Memoto.com. The campaign ends tomorrow, November, 30th at 12:00pm (CET)! 

The Memoto Camera in Piano Black (exclusively for Kickstarter)

The Memoto Camera Lineup

Tell your friends not to wait! If they want a camera in Black there’s only one day left to get it!

Go to our Kickstarter Campaign!

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Seamless Lifelogging with The Memoto App

The development team is hard at work on the Memoto App. Reaching the 2nd stretch goal allowed us to hire a project manager to facilitate the app development process and make sure we deliver the best possible product. Here’ s a look at how the app will work with your Memoto camera to bring you seamless lifelogging and how things are coming along.

The photos are analyzed based on various algorithms that consider not only explicit markers like GPS and time, but also lighting, clarity, photo composition, face detection and changes in context.

So, a moment may be 50 photos or 500, depending on these factors. For instance:

  • Your commute in your car (100 photos)
  • Meeting your co-worker on your way into the office (10 photos)
  • Getting coffee (6 photos)
  • Work at your desk (200 photos)
  • Attending a meeting (150 photos)
  • Lunch with a friend (100 photos)
These moments will then be presented to you on your smartphone as a Timeline; You can then go into a moment, view it as a time-lapse video and see other information about the moment, such as location and time. 


Smartphone App Timeline and Moment View Screenshot (click for larger view)

The App in its current state


A look around the Stockholm Development Office


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Voting Time: Help choose the New Color!

The reward for reaching the $150,000 stretch goal is to let the backer community nominate and vote on a new color. Today we will start polling on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Memotocompany

The voting will run through next Wednesday, November 28th until 11:59pm CET.

Visit the Memoto Facebook page and vote today!

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