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Meet Narrative in San Francisco!

Meet Narrative in San Francisco!

Two members of the team, Niclas and Christoffer, will be in San Francisco this week to represent Narrative at the Quantified Self 2013 Global Conference.


The Quantified Self (QS) Global Conference in San Francisco is the biggest gathering of quantified self-trackers and toolmakers from all over the world and this year will mark the fifth year of this event. This is the most ideal place to gather, inspires, collaborate on new ideas and discuss the future of the Quantified Self movement and we are really excited to be part of this huge movement and this prestigious event.

We can’t wait to meet everyone at this event and to draw inspiration from all of you, so say hi to us if you are here! (Side benefit: You will get to see a preview of our Narrative Clip! ) This event will take place on 10-11th October 2013.

Too late to purchase the tickets to this event? Niclas and Christoffer will be in San Francisco till the end of this week, so ping them at @niclasj and @Lejdborg and you might get to catch them before they come back to Sweden. Also, look out for our Narrative Clip Cameras out in the wild in San Francisco!

Find out more about Quantified Self 2013 Global Conference

New York delayed

…and it’s not only this blogpost I’m referring to.

So we heard about a QS-meet up in New York and thanks to @sgdean we got an invitation. So we grabbed our things and got on a train to New York.

I had visualized it like a group of people sitting in a ring, shearing stories after saying their name and declaring themselves as QS:ers.
- That was not the case.

There was speakers like Roger Craig (the guy used QS to win the whole thing) and demonstration rooms with new apps and great ideas.

We heard so many interesting stories about what people have done using quantified self/lifelogging and what it has given in return. One guy kept track on how many hugs he got per day, what a great thing to log!
Made many contacts as well and gwe actually booked several interviews for the next day.

First up was John Havens, Mashable journalist and a writer who also calls himself a proud geek. He spoke of what all the data, coming from QS and lifelogging, could do to improve society.

Unfortunately after our lunch I got sick so we had to cancel all the other interviews. I blame tofu.

We stayed at the nice Broadway Hotel n Hostel and on the way back to our room the guys at the reception stopped us to ask us about the camera.
Me, feeling like I could puke all over him at any second, smiled and started interviewing them on lifelogging.
They, as so many others, hadn’t heard about it but many of them were keeping track on their workout habits.
Think I’m on to something with the “unaware” lifelogger.


P.s Ville is having breakfast and can not be reached for comments