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This Week in Lifelogging: Sleep, the toothbrush app and the quantified self robot

Take control over your sleep







Do you want to track your sleep? It could be a way to learn more about why we sleep, how it changes based on one’s age, sex, and daily habit. Zeo’s new and improved mobile sleep management system tracks the quality of your sleep and then gives a free personalized assessment* and expert advice* to help you improve it.  Zeo shows you how much restorative REM and Deepsleep you really get and helps you control how your lifestyle affects your sleep.

Find out more at Myzeo










The Quantified Self Robot

The news about a new robot called Autom was announced this week by PCH on stage at the Dublin Web Summit and you can also read the news at TechCrunch. Autom is a personal weight loss coach who learns about and adapts to you over time. Find out more at myautom.com







The human face of big data

The human face of big data is a project focusing on humanity’s new ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time. Interested to find out more and support the project? Take a glimpse:

Read more about The human face of big data

Does your toothbrush have an app?

The company beam thinks that you need one. Their reasoning is that the average person brushes their teeth for only 46 seconds, but is 50% more likely to brush their teeth for a full 2 minutes by using just a simple timer. Oral care is considered patient centered, since oral health is impacted significantly by your daily hygiene habits. Data from the Beam Brush is designed to raise awareness for your oral care.

New health and wellness gadgets allow us to self-monitor many health metrics, including one of the most common daily activities, brushing your teeth.








Kevin Kelly and the history and future of QS

Kevin Kelly gave a perspective-broadening talk on where Quantified Self came from and where it’s going at San Francisco QS meetup group this week.

Lana Del Rey – Ride

And last but not least, we want you to see this very special music video by Lana Del Rey.  Please enjoy and happy weekend!

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Our last night in Victoria was also our last night in Canada. We summed up our staying at Ocean Island Inn with Canadian beer at the hostel pub and a lifelogger chat with the bartender and the manager. The closest they’d gotten was keeping track on numbers of beers/night. Well I guess that’s a type of logging.

20120801-151427.jpgSo early (really early) Monday morning we had the shortest flight so far; 20 min to our transit in Seattle. 20min from one country to another. The bus ride from my place to the Memoto office is longer than that! Well, from Seattle to Portland. We had a talk with Bert Krages, Attorney at Law, about the legal aspects of photography and lifelogging. Apparently the lifelogger have the law on his/her side in most situations. The exceptions were the obvious places like public bathrooms, locker rooms, hospitals etc. Witch I believe is totally fare, I certainly wouldn’t want a strangers butt in my timeline. Oh, and Steve Mann; you might want to think twice before visiting Texas, apparently the law is a bit vague when it comes to photography and intensions.


In the cab back to our hostel the cabdriver told us he’s had great use of logging both work and school. He take a bunch of courses online while working full time so by keeping track on his drive hours, income and studying he can distribute his time to be as efficient as possible for desired results. Later we took the bus home to Steven Jonas. He calls himself a self-experimenter and has a program that map everything he’s tracking. Very similar to the TicTrac service. (Steven you should check them out) Among many things, he and his girlfriend tracks and compare their sleep. They each wear a headband every night that measures the different stages of sleep and the data then shows as diagrams in a program (zeo). After the interview Steven offered to drive us back to the hostel and on the way we stopped by the famous Food Carts. Great crêpe, great interviews, great people, great 20h in Portland!

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